Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Book in the Works

Working on Next 4 Survival Book

Right now I find myself working on the next book in the 4 Survival series. The new book title is Traps 4 Survival. I intended to write Fire 4 Survival next, but my situation has not been amicable at the present, so it will be next in line. As usual, I intend to make a topical book that is as in depth as you have come to expect from the rest of the books in the series. 

Traps 4 Survival will cover numerous types of traps, snares, and dead-falls, along with a variety of trap power sources. Special emphasis will be given to effective trap trigger types in order to cover every possible situation or scenario, since the trigger usually decides whether any trap is great in practical usage, or a total failure. I will also discuss effective trap theory and which type and where to use for various wild animals, along with particular trap limitations. 

Pictures and videos demonstrating  hundreds of primitive traps can be found all over the net, but I intend to go in-depth upon how to make a usable assortment of highly effective traps that actually work, not just photographs that appear promising, or a trap that looks good on camera.  Much of the information online, even from some seemingly knowledgeable sources, is often inaccurate or based upon a flawed trap design.

For my fans of the series, I have several still yet to be written. Some titles of upcoming books are:

  • Fire 4 Survival
  • Shelter 4 Survival
  • Cordage 4 Survival
  • Fishing 4 Survival
  • Hunting 4 Survival
  • Containers 4 Survival
  • Flintnapping 4 Survival
  • Primitive Weapons 4 Survival
  • Gear 4 Survival (shall also include a list of recommended books and information sources)

Some possibles I am thinking about adding, but haven't decided on yet are:

I do not intend to cover a few topics, though. The information required for some topics are either critical and requires a separate, intensive, in-depth  book to properly and safely cover the material (such as first aid or rock climbing), or the information varies widely from area to area and the information I could provide would be largely non-applicable to a majority of my readers (such as foraging wild edibles or hunting mushrooms).