Saturday, June 14, 2014

Smashwords Affiliates

For Smashwords Affiliates

Or how to make money off of my books!

Today, I just realized that Smashwords has an affiliate program -- Wow.

What is an affiliate program? (Paul Andrulis <- clueless. I truly had no clue.)

Four of my books are now available on Smashwords including my newest sci fi short story, Meet Bill. I did some checking on exactly what the affiliate program is and how it works. If you are already an affiliate then you already know. Me, I didn't know, but now I do and I think it could be a great idea.

A Smashwords affiliate is someone with a website or a blog who makes money referring people to books on Smashwords. You got that right, you make money by referring books, that is -- providing links to books on Smashwords. An Affiliate gets a percentage of the purchase price of the book. The standard amount is 11%, but I found that the author can increase the affiliates percentage by sharing some of the authors own percentage.

I increased mine across the board from the standard 11% to 25%, and one title to 40%.

That means if you help promote my books at Smashwords, you will make a whopping 25-40% off of each sale! What is worse, if the person who clicks your link buys other books from either myself or other authors on Smashwords, you get a percentage from those sales as well if made within 48 hours of clicking your link.

To become an affiliate, you have to sign up with Smashwords and get an affiliate account.

Then, you have to use affiliate links. For my books (erase yourScreenName at the end of the links and add your actual Smashwords Screen Name):
(The Basics 4 Survival 25%)
(Is Wilderness Survival 4 Me? 40%)
(Survival In America: Under Siege 25%)
(Meet Bill 25%)

Where yourScreenName is the name that is shown on your Smashwords profile in the address bar. It will be in the format of:

Simply erase yourScreenName from the links after you paste them to your site, and add your own real Smashwords Screen Name.

I take a cut in the pocketbook, and you get that cut in yours. I call the cut to my paycheck advertising costs, and good advertising can be hard to find. If you make money then I make money, though a lot less than I would have otherwise. The extra sales will help my books in rankings, so it is worth it overall, I think -- I hope.

If this sounds good to you, then try promoting my books. You have my permission to link to the covers here at my blog, since you will be actively promoting my books.