Wednesday, June 4, 2014

News Update

News Flash!

I have always wanted to have my books available to whoever wanted a copy, yet contractual obligations prevented me from doing so. Previously, all of my eBooks were available in only one format, for the Amazon Kindle line of e-readers. This irritated me, as I follow a principle of 'no reader left behind' which states that a person wanting to read or enjoy my books should have options which work for them. If they want my book(s) in a common format, or have special needs, I have tried to accommodate them as much as possible. I have books in print, large print, eBook, as well as audiobook.

With some books, such as my how-to lines, this has proven somewhat impossible for all titles yet I have done as much as possible. Some are only in eBook as they would be of an exorbitant cost in print form, yet others cannot make an audiobook due to integral and necessary images in the books.

One issue that irritated me was that my eBooks were by necessity locked into Amazon's KDP Select program which prevented me from publishing elsewhere, limiting my eBooks to only one of several common e-reader formats available. This meant that someone wanting a copy of my eBook who did not own a kindle was out of luck. Also, what about readers who do not have an e-reader tablet, yet do not want to pay for a paperback version?

I have decided to change this.

I am letting the contracts per title run out on Select, and I am publishing them to Smashwords as well as Amazon. Smashwords distributes books to many of the other major book sellers, such as Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and Sony, as well as many others.

Smashwords also sells books directly, allowing people to buy in many e-reader and computer friendly formats, such as epub, mobi, lrf (old Sony e-readers) for the e-readers and pdf, rtf, txt, and html for those without a reading device.

This opens my books to practically everyone who may want a copy.

At this point in time I have two titles already available at Smashwords.

Is Wilderness Survival 4 Me?


Surviving In America: Under Siege (the second edition)

I will not be able to have all of my books available at Smashwords until they come off of Select, which is in August for some of the titles. Several come out of the program in July, so check often. I will reformat them in order as their terms expire.