Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Titles For an Old Blog

New Titles Available!

For those interested, I have written a few more titles than are published on this blog. I will list the titles I have below.


Surviving In America: Under Siege (the 2nd Edition)(Apocalyptic)
Surviving With Joe (Post-apocalyptic)


Is Wilderness Survival 4 Me? (Wilderness Survival)
The Basics 4 Survival (Wilderness Survival)
Water 4 Survival (Wilderness Survival)

The Amazing Wood-Gas Camping Stove (DIY how-to)

Monster Catfish: Fishing for Whales (Fishing how-to)

Coming Soon in Fiction:

Meet Bill (A Sci-fi short story)
Surviving the War (Post-apocalyptic)
Surviving Death's Kiss (Post-apocalyptic)
Death of a Digital World (Apocalyptic)
The Kings of Olde (Sci-fi)

Meet Bill is close to completion and the rest are hovering between 20,000-30,000 words each (~20-25%).

Paul Andrulis