Monday, June 16, 2014

50% Off Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes for Smashwords

Want something good to read tonight? Do you like science fiction, apocalyptic books, or do you want something more practical like survival information? Well, I am running a five day 50% off sale on many of my books through Smashwords. All codes are good until June 21!

Do you own a Kindle? 
No problem, as they carry the .mobi format.

You do not have a kindle, but instead another book reader such as a Sony or a Nook? 
No problem, as they carry .epub format.

No book reading device at all?
No problem, as they carry .pdf and .html formats for your computer.

Science Fiction / Apocalyptic Books

Meet Bill - Enter code HS83S at checkout.

Surviving in America: Under Siege 2nd Edition - Enter code QE36S at Checkout.

Survival How-To

Is Wilderness Survival 4 Me? - Enter code TS26L at Checkout. (100% off!)

The Basics 4 Survival - Enter code EQ29U at Checkout.