Thursday, May 16, 2013

First mini-book published, more coming soon!

This survival mini e-book (only) is not for those already practicing wilderness survival. It is for the newbie who is curious as to what wilderness survival is, whether it is right for them, or whether they would like to get into the fascinating sport.

If this means you, then read on!

An excerpt from the introduction:

About this book 
This book is undoubtedly the shortest of the entire series.
The topic of wilderness survival is quickly gaining a huge interest in today’s society. More people than ever before are becoming both aware of and concerned due to real or potential world events, weather, and natural phenomena. This awareness has led to a boom in survivalism, prepping, bushcraft, and interest in wilderness survival.
Survival in any sense is becoming highly commercialized, and that translates to expensive. Whatever the reason a person has for the basis of their interest, the question naturally follows whether you should spend a ton of money on the subject. Is the topic of wilderness survival even for you?
This book shall ask several poignant questions and provide the answers you need to know.
  1. What is wilderness survival? 
  1. Is wilderness survival knowledge important?
  1. Do I have a desire to learn wilderness survival?
  1. Will I have to buy a bunch of gear to practice wilderness survival?
* - see P.S. below

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