Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Book Monster Catfish: Fishing for Whales


Monster Catfish: Fishing for Whales

The new book I have written, Monster Catfish: Fishing for whales is available for purchase HERE at for only $3.99 $2.99 in kindle e-book format. See the "My Books" page in the tabs above for a cheaper paperback price, as it is available directly from the publisher.

The blurb:

"'Monster Cats, Fishing for Whales' provides a proven technique and a wealth of catfish specific information for catching huge monster catfish in any water, in any season. The book is focused specifically towards catching huge catfish weighing over twenty-five pounds by fishing with rod and reel.

Most fishermen and anglers of all stripe hit the so called weight barriers in which they cannot seem to catch anything larger. For most anglers wanting big catfish, the barrier is usually ten pounds. Fishing for larger catfish requires a change of thought and a corresponding change of gear and approach. 'Monster Catfish, Fishing for Whales' provides the needed categories of information to catch the truly big ones, namely What, When, Why, How, and Where.

Paul Andrulis explains just what you need to tackle the brutes, and provides a proven method of becoming a true monster hunter."